As a technology service business, Renaissance focuses on serving through quality repair, testing and overhaul, unparalleled engineering, and streamlined supply chains for greater efficiency.

While the markets we serve differ, their needs for fast response, accurate communication, and uncompromised security remain the same. Catering to both Equipment Users and OEMs: Original Equipment Manufacturers means we understand that both sides need innovation to thrive.

  • Telecom

  • Medical &

  • First Responders

  • Military & Defense

  • Aerospace & Aviation

Is your command and control at risk?
We got you covered!


From manufacturing cables, to building chassis, to engineering solutions to complex problems, to providing reliable repair and supply chain services, we cover it all. Cost-effective and capable, ensure your security by working with the best. Learn more about how we meet these different needs below and visit our official military subsidiary, Terra Nova.

ISO 9001; 2015, IPC 610, IPC 620, J Standard, Controlled Goods Certified. Privately Owned, SME & Aboriginal. We use accredited suppliers and vendor lists.


Need a look at your chassis build?

We got you covered on cable assembly and cable harness design/manufacturing.

We manufacture to your specifications, reverse engineer cables, and offer military grade high complexity cables.

Need test rack and chassis assembly? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too!

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Repair & Testing

Reliable repair solutions you can trust.

We run several analyses (sys/cir, signal, functional, circuit, thermal), boundary scans, and tooling among many other processes to find the root of your problem… From detailed evaluation, statement of work, repair, platform development testing, and obsolescence engineering.

We offer component level debug and repair that you can rely on.

We do deeper diagnostics and multi-vendor repair.

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Repair & Testing

Reliable repair solutions you can trust.


We make the impossible, possible.

We do reverse, forward, and obsolesces engineering along with extending service life and reducing the sustainment cost of legacy electronic systems at high efficiency.

And that’s not all! We do test set and infrastructure engineering so you can be guaranteed long-term sustained service.

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Supply Chain & Global Logistics

Need any warehousing solutions?

We combine engineering, repair, supply chain, and logistics under one roof to make your life easier.

Decrease your supply chain risk by choosing Renaissance!

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Supply Chain & Global Logistics

Need any warehousing solutions?

Are you an OEM or End User / Carrier? We can help transform your business into the future.

OEMs End Users & Carriers INDUSTRY TERMS

As a Canadian-owned an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we pride ourselves on strategic thinking that raises the bar on excellence.