Communication is foundational to all we do at Renaissance.

That is why we want to make sure that we’re speaking the same language. Here are some top industry terms and acronyms!

Advance Exchange Product - Product covered under SOW (statement of work) that receives Next Business Day hardware support when requested.

ASN - Advanced Ship Notice

ATP - All Tests Passed

AVL - Approved Vendor List

BER - Beyond Economical Repair. Faulty Product which is damaged or worn out to such an extent that repair is not technically possible, or economically feasible.

Certification - Working cards sent to the Supplier for full functional testing as specified in this SOW (statement of work).

CLEI - Common Language Equipment Identifier

Debug Station Service - All or any portion, as the case may be, of the Material and Services.

Deliverable - All or any portion, as the case may be, of the Material and Services.

Documentation - The repair and test documentation describing the repair and test procedure.

ECO - Engineering Change Order

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Emergency Advanced Replacement - Emergency Repair where Renaissance Repair and Supply pulls from its inventory a replacement part for a Faulty Product and, utilizing a nationally-recognized overnight delivery service.

EMS - Environmental Management System

FF - Fault Found (repaired)

Field Change Order - The Repair Service of recalling a group of products, upgrading or repairing them and returning them.

Final Testing - System testing for a certain period of time in a functional environment.

Forecasts - Written predictions of future need for Repair Services.

FRU - Field Replaceable Unit

Functional Testing - Test via running the functions of a board in a test bed environment.

Hardware - The items to be repaired.

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

LFL - Like For Like. The unit that was sent to the supplier for repair, with the same manufacturer’s part number and not the same serial number as the unit sent back from the supplier.

MPN - Manufacturer’s Part Number

MRU - Maintenance Replaceable Unit

MSN - Manufacturer’s Serial Number

MSR - Shippable Revision. The same or higher revision of returned CLEI (Common Language Equipment Identifier).

NTF - No Trouble Found. Any unit designated “NTF” will have fully demonstrated its abilities to meet or exceed all criteria without further adjustment(s), repair(s), or calibration(s), and will be functional in all required phases of its operation(s).

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OTD - On Time Delivery

Out of Box Failure - A repaired product received that is deemed to be faulty by the receiving party immediately upon installation of the repaired product, and which failure is later confirmed through appropriate diagnostic testing.

PCN - Product Change Notification

PIC - Plug In Card

Primary Platforms - Hardware Platforms

Product - Hardware

QMS - Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001/TL9000/ISO14001)

Repair Services” or “Repair Support - The repair and support services including but not limited to repairs, replacement, faulty stock, scrap, emergency repairs, field change order, repair change order, and test without repair, as further defined herein.

RIP - Repair In Process

Screening Services - Running a board in a system test environment to verify functionality in accordance with specifications.

Scrap - Service of disposition of unrepairable products.

Services - Anything that is not otherwise material, including any labor or service, provided in connection with this agreement or any order.

SFS - Same For Same. The unit that was sent to the supplier for repair, with the same manufacturer’s part number and same serial number as the unit sent back from the supplier to the customer under the same repair order.

Specifications - The documents (hard copies or electronic) describing the technical performance, requirements and specifications of a repair service.

System Testing - (This is included as a portion of the functional testing above.) Test via a working system equipped with appropriate peripherals and ancillary equipment. These systems must allow enhanced testing capability to not only emulate, but duplicate, actual field conditions.

TAT - Turnaround Time. Measured from time of dock receipt at supplier to order ship

True Up - Adjustment to the agreed volume.

UNR - Unit Not Repairable. After exhausting all efforts the unit was not able to be repaired to working status.