Our Vision

To enable
future growth
by transforming current and legacy networks.

see how we are different

Renaissance transforms global service provider / OEM growth and efficiency through streamlined innovation, engineering-centric repairs, and supply chain management solutions that reinvent businesses across their life cycle.

Our seasoned high-tech industry experts fast-forward solutions to even the most complex issues because of their strong OEM background. With strategic locations, spanning from Ottawa to Dallas to Belfast, we reside in all areas rich in technical expertise, that enable 24-hour global logistics.

Renaissance deploys service solutions in every major carrier around the globe and prides itself on the lowest scrap rate, the highest on-time delivery and the most sustainable solutions.

We are known to think like our customers and reinvent their networks into the future – guided by three timeless pillars; Rethink. Redesign. Reengineer.

Our Mission

Use engineering prowess to optimize the life cycles of our global customers by innovating what is available, to access the unavailable.