Our centralised logistics centres makes spares management a
24/7 streamlined process that guarantees 98% on-time delivery

Distribution and Repair Centre

Belfast, Ireland

A full turn-key solution for repair, engineering, final assembly and distribution.

Logistical Hub

Ogdensburg, NY

A cross-border marshalling Hub for all equipment and activity between the United States and Canada. Services include: forward logistics, reverse logistics and warehousing.


Ottawa, Ontario

The Silicon Valley of the North, this high tech centre in Canada is home to great engineering talent and is the facility where repair solutions are engineered.

Warehouse and Logistics Centre

Dallas, Texas

A 42,000 sq.ft. warehouse and centralised logistics centre that handles a 24-hour delivery and managed spares program across the U.S.

  Logistical Hubs

Renaissance enables a complete supply chain for our customers to replenish and manage critical spares on current and legacy product sets across the globe.