Len Anderson awarded “10 Most Promising Telecommunication Leaders of 2021” by Industry Era

Len Anderson was awarded as one of the most promising telecommunication leaders of 2021 by Industry Era! Thank you to our customers and supporters for making this a reality. Also, here are some of our favourite quotes from their magazine.

“Len Anderson – 10 Most Promising Telecommunication Leaders of 2021”

Renaissance has a track record of successfully reverse engineering and repairing legacy products.

Renaissance is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Canadian-owned business that prides itself on strategic thinking that raises the bar of quality. For several years, Renaissance has been a valued and trusted partner of Sierra Wireless. Renaissance has a proven track record of delivering on time and with high quality. They place a premium on operational excellence and have passed multiple quality and ISO audits with flying colors. Sustainability is part of the business model, with a strict R2 certification process that ensures 0.5M pieces of equipment are NOT going into landfills every year.

Len’s distinctive abilities have revolutionized the company and made him one of the most optimistic Telecommunication Leaders of the year 2021.

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